Uncover the Biological Nuances of Gamma Delta T Cells to Inform your Translational Strategy including Targeting Specificity, Combination Strategies & Product Development to Confidently Progress to Clinical & Scalable Development for Patients in Need

Welcome to the 5th Gamma Delta T Cell Therapies Summit

The Only Industry Gamma Delta T Cell-Specific Meeting Running This Year

The 5th Gamma Delta T Cell Therapies Summit returns to take a deep dive into the biological intricacies of gamma delta T cells, deciphering the rich landscape of targeted interventions and engineering, and exploit their unique pathways and mechanisms to create more effective therapeutics. 

  • IN8Bio - Detailing their autologous GDT product for GBM solid tumors, their allogeneic product for AML and their latest non-signaling CAR product 
  • Adicet Bio - Clinical Overview of both their oncology and autoimmune pipelines 
  • Acepodia - Advantages of using Antibody-Cell Conjugation Technology in allogeneic therapies 
  • Immunocore - ImmTAX Platform to Gamma Delta T Cell Targets for the first approved TCR bi-specific therapeutic 
  • TC Biopharm - Outlining their clinical trial history with TCB008 and the Journey to a UK based clinical trial: ACHIEVE 
  • Moffitt Cancer Center - Detailing unpublished new data on their allogeneic gamma delta immunotherapy for AML

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We Collaborated With IN8Bio, Adicet Bio, Acepodia, Takeda, Luminary Therapeutics, LAVA Therapeutics, OneChain Therapeutics

Bringing together experts from big pharma, biotech and academia to delve into the details of gamma delta biology and its various subsets to offer the audience a well-rounded overview of the landscape currently and the steps needed for it to move forward. 

With a world-class speaker faculty, this meeting continues to be the one-stop shop to accelerate your gamma delta T therapies.

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