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Experts Need Your Help With:

Cell-specific raw materials and cell banks

Overall help driving R&D, translation, manufacturing and cell expansion to progress preclinical pipelines into the clinic 

Manufacturing platforms and engineering strategies to minimize cell damage and maximize metabolic profiles 

And more!   

Do you fit this description to meet this exploding markets’ demands? The 5th Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit will provide a platform for you to showcase your solutions to a niche audience of experts from the field. 

Extensive research with industry leaders from big pharma, biotech, and academia indicates a definite need for analytical expertise in contract service or technology providers to offer long-term tailored solutions.   

Are you are looking to establish yourself as the partner of choice for the pharma and biotech companies driving Gamma Delta T therapy development? Catch the attention of the biggest players in this space by partnering with us.

Get in touch now to begin discussing your bespoke package.

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