Why Partner

Do you want access to a focused, curated set of potential clients for your solutions?

Do you provide models, assays or cell separation? Are you a CRO or CDMO? Can your tailored services and solutions help drive R&D, translation, manufacturing, and cell expansion? Are you looking to establish yourself as the partner of choice for the pharma and biotech companies driving Gamma Delta T therapy development? Catch the attention of the biggest players in this space by partnering with the 4th Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit.

Industry leading decision makers are looking for your help to tackle pressing bottlenecks from cell-specific raw materials and cell banks, to manufacturing platforms and engineering strategies to minimize cell damage and maximize metabolic profiles, getting the best Gamma Delta T therapies to patients faster.

Top 4 Reasons to Partner

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Gain 1-to-1 access to a curated selection of key decision makers in the Gamma delta T space, secure their business tackling major hurdles in the space

Become one of the biggest players and get brand awareness through our bespoke exhibition packages and data access

Stay ahead of the curve with the newest clinical updates and innovative approaches, follow the market and develop a thorough overview of the field and pre-empt future challenges

Expand and build your network, develop long lasting relationships and predict the direction of industry leaders

As 2023 has already seen monumental successes in Gamma Delta T Therapies, ensure you are the go-to partner of choice for this next wave of cell-based and cell-directed therapies.

To learn more about our bespoke sponsorship packages, please get in touch at sponsor@hansonwade.com