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The imu platform provides a massively scalable, high-resolution immune profiling, capturing a systems level view of an individual's immune system consisting of >2000 immune cell subsets. Using this data we can screen candidate donors identifying those that will generate consistent, high yield, cell therapy products. The same platform and analytics can also provide a new level of understanding of cell therapy product characteristics and an understanding of how patients respond to therapy in the clinic.

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InGenious Targeting Laboratory, inc. is specialized in large scale targeted humanization of mouse models. We created single chain human/camel mouse models which produce highly affinity and diversified single chain antibodies for CAR-T and other immunological research. We also established fully humanized  γ/δ T cell receptor mouse models in which full sets of human Vγ and Vδ  targeted replaced mouse counterparts. Millions of diversified human  γ/δ  TCR were produced which are reactive to immuno stimulations.  Human Vγ9Vδ2 are present in peripheral blood. Human Vδ1 are present in many tissues through NGS analysis. We are actively looking for partners to share and develop this  γ/δ TCR platform. (contact:"


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ScaleReady is a joint venture between Bio-Techne, Fresenius Kabi, and Wilson Wolf. Bringing together proven tools and technologies for cell culture, cell activation, gene editing, and cell processing, ScaleReady provides leading therapeutic developers with the most simple, scalable, and versatile manufacturing platform in the industry. Our platform includes G-Rex® cell culture technology, the Lovo and Cue cell processing systems, and a wide range of GMP proteins, reagents, media, and gene editing technologies.


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iRepertoire's patented and proprietary amplification technologies set the gold standard for reliable and reproducible sequencing of T-cell and B-cell receptor chain (VDJ) regions from a variety of clinical sample types.  These core technologies enable both pairwise cognate chain sequencing from FACS isolated single cells and also comprehensive 7-chain bulk repertoire analysis with quantitative transcript-level barcoding (UMI).  Recent studies demonstrate the utility of iRepertoire's sequencing technologies for evaluating treatment efficacy in pre-clinical studies and identifying antigen-specific T-cells in response to novel therapies


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Lonza’s Cell & Gene offering spans across development and manufacturing services, products, solutions, testing and automation platforms as well as tools and technologies to enable you to develop, de-risk and industrialize your therapy, from basic research to commercialization.

United by our vision to bring any therapy to life, we support our customers with a combination of technological insight, world-class manufacturing, scientific expertise, process excellence and innovation. Our work enables our customers to develop and commercialize their therapeutic discoveries, allowing their patients to benefit from life-saving and life-enhancing treatments.