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Accelerating the Development of Gamma Delta T Therapies to Deliver the Cell Therapies of the Future

The inaugural Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit will bring the community together to address these challenges as the only industry dedicated forum committed to accelerating γδ T therapies through the clinic.

The success of chimeric antigen receptor T cells in the treatment of haematological malignancies have led to an explosion in the development of adoptive cell therapies for cancer. Given their unique biology and established role in cancer immunosurveillance, γδ T cells are gaining increased attention amongst translational researchers and commercial partners.

γδ T cells don’t rely on the recognition of classic HLA molecules, allowing for allogeneic therapies to be easily developed, and overcoming some of the limiting challenges of approved autologous CAR-T therapies. However, challenges remain for the clinical implementation of γδ T therapies and the mechanisms of γδ T cells remain poorly understood. 

Join leaders from Immatics, Incysus, Adicet and Phosphogam as we drive effective Gamma Delta Therapies through the clinic.  

Your Checklist to Advancing Your Gamma Delta T Therapies:


Discover the Potential of Off-the-Shelf Cell Therapies
Discover the mechanism of action of allogeneic CAR engineered γδ T cells γδ T cells and hear preclinical data demonstrating their efficacy with Adicet Bio & Immatics

Evaluate Novel Expansion Techniques for γδ T Cells
Learn of molecular cues for the differentiation and expansion of different γδ T cell subsets with Bruno Silva-Santos

Overcome the Challenges of Preclinical Models Using γδ T Cells
Understand the difficulties when translating from mice to humans as well as hearing novel preclinical models and strategies for therapeutic improvements with David Vermijlen & Emmanuel Scotet

Explore Techniques to Use γδ T Cells in Solid Tumours
Discover methods to target solid tumours using γδ T cells such as CAR engineering and lentivirus vectors with Zsolt Sebestyen 

Realise the Application of Different γδ T Subsets 
Compare the different subsets including how they are affected by the toxicity
of tumour chemotherapy with Domenico Mavilio & Massimo Massaia