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Uncovering Mechanisms, Clinical Potential & Optimized Product Design of Allogeneic & Solid Tumor Gamma Delta T Therapies

Established industry leaders and emerging innovators such as Adicet Bio, IN8Bio, Sanofi, Merck, LAVA Therapeutics, Takeda and Leucid Bio are driving the race to demonstrate the potential of Gamma Delta T Therapies as cytotoxic, off-the-shelf solid tumor therapies, spurred by early indications of clinical efficacy.

The 4th Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit returns to Boston this July as the ultimate Industry-focused forum to advance your Gamma Delta T research, spanning dedicated 2 tracks of content to maximize your Clinical & Product Optimization and Research & Translational Development. Join 150+ expert industry peers for 2 full days of sessions and a preconference workshop and biology 101 bootcamp day, building on early clinical successes, highlighting process and engineering innovations and leveraging early clinical insights to cast the spotlight onto Gamma Delta T Therapies in the clinic. 

The jampacked agenda features 40+ key thought leaders, sharing strategies to:

T Cell in action Overcome exhaustion with memory phenotypes and novel expansion protocols – Adicet Bio, Takeda
T Cell in action Optimize engineering of novel receptors against solid tumorsTriumvira, Gadeta
T Cell in action Deep-dive into breaking clinical data to evaluate combination strategy, safety and persistence with ImCheck Therapeutics, IN8Bio, and Adicet Bio
T Cell in action Incorporate bioinformatics and AI to inform clinical biomarker and process development with BOKU


This is your comprehensive, discovery-to-clinical delivery, gamma delta-dedicated summit to bring actionable learnings back to your pipeline development.

5 Key Learnings from the New Agenda:

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Advance xenograft models to demonstrate gamma delta T solid tumor efficacy and mechanism of action for engineered CAR-Ts with Leucid Bio

Understand gamma delta T persistence, efficacy, and subset homing and activation in multiple tumor types with IN8bio

Interrogate the feasibility of a scalable, iPSC based, off-the-shelf source of consistent gamma delta T cell therapy with Century Therapeutics

Interpret biometrics and biostatistical analysis to detect GvHD early, explore the tumor microenvironment and conclude anti tumor impacts with CytoMed

Identify optimal CARs and TCRs for improved efficacy and persistence by testing the addition of an αβ chains with Adicet

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