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What You Missed: The 2nd Annual Optimizing AAV Safety Summit 2023

The 4th Annual Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit gathered the leading therapeutic developers of cell and antibody-based approaches to bring to market efficacious, persistent, off-the-shelf Gamma Delta T Therapies for solid tumors.

The 4th Annual Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit returned to Boston in July as the hotly anticipated and world’s only industry-focused forum dedicated to building on early clinical successes, highlighting process, and engineering innovations and leveraging early clinical insights to successfully advance Gamma Delta T Therapies to the Clinic and beyond.

What You Missed:

T Cell in action Unearth the mechanisms and pathways involved in Gamma Delta T Cell Cytotoxicity with the CSO of In8bio
T Cell in action Map the cell to cell and environmental interactions of Gamma Delta T cells to understand the in vivo influences with Triumvira
T Cell in action Advance novel approaches to capitalize on the potential of Gamma Delta Therapeutics beyond Oncology with Regeneron
T Cell in action Address lessons learned to take into phase 2 clinical trial design, dose escalation, patient selection, pharmacodynamics, and safety with the CSO of Adicet Bio
T Cell in action Identify patient populations with clinical rationale to align with the mechanism of action with Imcheck Therapeutics
T Cell in action Develop targets to engineer or combine therapies to enhance tumor homing and infiltration with Emory University
T Cell in action Robustly test the impact of construct design on the persistence of cells and therapeutic response with Adicet Bio