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Advancing Antibody & Cell Based γδ Approaches

2022 has been Touted as a Monumental Year in Gamma Delta T Therapy

The 3rd Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit returns as the most comprehensive, industry-dedicated meeting yet, equipped with the need-to-know insights to help you to bring to market safe and effective antibody and cell-based Gamma Delta T Therapeutics. 

Spanning 3 days of thought-provoking content, this is your opportunity to gain the necessary insights to enhance cytotoxicity, stealth and persistence; optimize GDT engineering; contrast cell subtypes; and scale up manufacturing through a deep understanding of their fundamental biology and target product profile. 

Join 120+ industry experts from the likes of Adrian HaydayAdicet bio, IN8Bio, Gamma Delta Therapeutics, ImCheck Therapeutics, Century Therapeutics, LAVA Therapeutics, and more.

With 2 dedicated tracks covering Discovery, Process Research, Translation, and Clinical Development; 3 deep-dive workshops, and a Gamma Delta 101 Bootcamp, this is the one-stop shop to scale your preclinical to clinical development.


Topics you can’t afford to miss:


Identify novel targets in solid tumors, and tune TCR signalling to balance cytotoxicity and exhaustion with Immunocore, Gadeta, and Lava Therapeutics

Model γδT cell characteristics in vivo to track migration, exhaustion, and expansion to optimize therapy with Stanford
University, IN8Bio, and UCL

Interrogate breaking clinical data from first-in-class engineered γδT cells and potent bispecific T cell engagers with Adicet Bio, ImCheck Therapeutics, and TC Biopharm

Optimize γδT cell expansion, manufacturing, and cryopreservation to access cost-effective and scalable therapies with Senlang Bio, TC Biopharm, and Phosphogam

Leverage clinical learnings to back-translate and enhance therapeutic design and clinical protocols with Seraph Research Institute, and GammaDelta Therapeutics