Thank you to our speakers, sponsors, and delegates who joined us in Boston for the summit!

Drive Clinical Responses Through Antibody & γδT Cell Approaches for Safer, More Efficacious Solid Tumor Therapies

Harness the Potential of γδT Cells Through Overcoming Exhaustion, Optimizing Engineering, & Driving Durability.

Gamma Delta T cells prove an exciting technology for the treatment of solid tumor indications and beyond, the unique features of these cells are revolutionizing the development of allogeneic therapies.

As industry leaders supercharge their development; the race to demonstrate clinical efficacy is upon us, with data read outs from IN8bio, Adicet Bio, and Imcheck therapeutics to name a few.

The 4th Annual Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit returned to bring clinical and commercial Gamma Delta T Therapies to patients in need.

As Gamma Delta T Therapeutics continue to showcase advancements, join the experts in this field to better characterize gamma delta subsets, drive efficacy through informed mechanisms of action and supercharge the homing, targeting and immune surveillance for better, safer and more efficacious gamma delta therapeutics.

Dedicated to enhancing expansion strategies, engineering to ensure efficacy, specificity and persistence the 4th Annual Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit was the one stop shop to accelerating Gamma Delta Therapeutics to the clinic.

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2023 World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Headshot of Larry Lamb

Lawrence Lamb

Executive Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer


Headshot of Bruno Silva-Santos

Bruno Silva-Santos

Group Leader

Institute of Molecular Medicine - IMM

Headshot of Blake Aftab

Blake Aftab

Chief Scientific Officer

Adicet Bio

Headshot of Kate Rochlin

Kate Rochlin

Chief Operating Officer


Headshot of Dorothee Bourges

Dorothee Bourges

Lab Head, Pharmacology, Immuno-oncology


Past Attendees Include:

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Syntax Bio
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Hear What Previous Attendees Have To Say:

“Excellent atmosphere and very lively and relaxed interactions, outstanding efficacy for networking”

- Head of the Immunity and Cancer Lab, CCRM

“Great opportunity to see where the field currently stands with clinical data and how challenges are being addressed in pre-clinical stages and manufacturing.”

- Graduate Research Assistant, George Washington University

“Great speakers, great topics, timely updates on clinical and pipeline developments.”

- Scientist, Nurix Therapeutics

“Great integration of academia and industry, high quality of science and opportunity to learn and share"

- Associate Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine

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