Expert Speakers at the Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit Include:

Accelerating the Development of Gamma Delta T Therapies to Deliver the Cell Therapies of the Future

The inaugural Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit is the only industry dedicated forum focused on furthering the understanding of γδ T cells, driving clinical proof of concept, and scaling up manufacturing to deliver off-the-shelf gamma delta T therapies for oncological indications.

Join us virtually with the key stakeholders from across pharma, biotech, and academia to discuss the precise mechanisms of γδ T cells, manufacturing considerations to ensure purity and quantity of cells, and the latest developments in γδ T therapies.

As we virtually gather world-leading researchers at the Gamma delta T Therapies Summit, learn how the industry is effectively manipulating and engineering gamma delta cells with antibody and cell-based approaches for improved safety, efficacy and manufacturability to bring to market effective Gamma Delta Therapies for patients in need.

Companies attending include:

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