Lawrence Lamb

Lawrence Lamb

Company: IN8Bio

Job title: Executive Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer


Chair’s Opening Remarks 9:25 am

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day: Conference Day Two

Characterizing Gamma Delta T Subsets & Their Distinct Biology to Determine Therapeutic Utility 10:20 am

Exploring the relationship between subsets and persistence and efficacy in different tumor types Understanding what mediates homing and activation of different subsets Characterizing the role of the gamma delta TCR in different subsetsRead more

day: Pre-Conference Deep Dive Day

Panel Discussion: Contextualizing Gamma Delta T Cells in Immuno-Oncology Through Their Biology, Challenges & Advantages 9:00 am

Highlighting the unique advantages of gamma delta T cell combination therapies compared to other immune cells for cancer immunotherapy Examining the potential activation and expansion obstacles in translating gamma delta T cells from preclinical findings to clinical applications Ascertaining potential of recognizing a wide range of antigens, and targeting metabolic pathways in gamma delta T…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Deep Dive Day

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