Conference Day One: Tuesday, July 30

8:00 am Morning Break & Refreshments

8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remark

Clinical Advances in Liquid & Solid Tumors of Gamma Delta T Cell Therapies in 2024

9:00 am Panel Discussion: Reflecting on a Year of Industry Advances: Key Insights from 2023 & Anticipating the Path Ahead in 2024


  • Reviewing latest clinical updates and identifying key areas of opportunities in the past year
  • Discussing the race to clinic and attracting investors to fund scale ups into the clinic
  • Considering current gamma delta t therapies to drive solid tumor success
  • What does 2024 look like for the field and where is it headed?

9:45 am Clinical Data Update: DeltEx DRI Auto, DeltEx Allo, DeltEx nsCAR-T INB-300 & iPSC Derived Gamma-Delta T Cells


  • DeltEx DRI Auto, is a genetically modified autologous gamma-delta T cell product candidate for the treatment of newly diagnosed GBM solid tumors
  • DeltEx Allo, is an allogeneic product candidate initially developed for the treatment of patients with acute leukemia
  • DeltEx nsCAR-T INB-300 is our DeltEx DRI non-signaling CAR (nsCAR) platform with several preclinical product candidates, including the INB-330 program targeting CD-33 for AML

10:15 am Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

Research & Translational Development

Fine-Tuning Mechanisms of Gamma Delta T Cells for Precise Solid Tumor Targeting

11:15 am Antibody-Cell Conjugation Technology: Cutting-Edge Platform for Off-the-Shelf Cell Therapies

  • Sai-Wen Tang Director of Research & Development, Acepodia Inc.


  • Advantages of ACC technology in developing allogeneic cell therapies
  • Mechanism of action of antibody-conjugated gamma delta T cells against tumors
  • Preclinical evidence of ACC products against hematologic and solid malignancies
  • Updates for IND application of ACC products

11:45 am Harnessing the Power of the Innate Immunity to Fight Solid Tumor

  • Haiyan Jiang Founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer, PointLoma biosciences


  • Developing off-the-shelf allogeneic healthy donor-derived γδ T cell therapy for solid tumor
  • Polyclonal, natural composition of γδ T cell subsets, leveraging the non-redundant functions of diverse subsets
  • Armed and engineered dual CAR targets tumor and immunesupporessive stroma in the TME to optimize anti-tumor potency
  • Gene editing to overcome immune suppression in the solid tumor TME

Clinical Development & Product Optimization

Streamlining Clinical Trial Design for Improved Targeting of the TME

11:15 am Expanding the ImmTAX Platform to Gamma Delta T Cell Targets


  • Introduction to the Immunocore ImmTAX platform and the first approved TCR bi-specific therapeutic.
  • Establishment of a γδ TCR discovery platform
  • Development of an affinity enhanced γδ TCR

11:45 am Leveraging the Best Practice When Designing and Running a CAR-T Clinical Trial in Autoimmune and Oncology Indications


  • Operational and regulatory environment considerations surrounding CAR T trials in autoimmune and oncology – regulatory, patient care and site perspectives; current treatment landscape
  • Practicalities of running a CAR T trial in U.S vs globally.
  • Best approaches and strategies to build internal clinical operations team and CRO partnerships

12:15 pm Lunch & Networking

Exploration of Engineering Strategies & their Influence on Cellular Attributes

1:15 pm Ligand-Driven Activation Pathways of Gamma Delta T


  • What specific ligands can gamma delta TCR’s target?
  • Which of these ligands are involved in gamma delta T cell activation
  • What new ligands are there that should be targeted?

1:45 pm Establishment of an Allogeneic, Off-the-Shelf Platform for the Treatment of Solid Tumors

  • Alan Guerrero Vice President - Research and Development, Kiromic, LLC


  • Manufacturing of Deltacel, an allogenic, non-engineered, off-the shelf Gamma Delta T -cell therapy
  • Combination of Deltacel with low-dose irradiation to improve treatment outcomes
  • Interim results from Phase I clinical trial
  • Using Deltacel as a platform for the creation of targeted immunotherapies

2:15 pm Novel Approach for Genome Editing of gdT Cells Using CRISPR And AAV

  • Meisam Naeimi Kararoudi Assistant Professor of Pediatrics , Director of CRISPR/Gene Editing Core at Nationwide Children's Hospital and CSO at CARTx T..., Nationwide Children's Hospital


  • The importance of site-directed CAR gene insertion vs random insertion mediated by lentivectors
  • Studying the effect of cytokines on providing optimal gene editing conditions
  • The importance of Homology directed repair activation and chromosomal accessibility for efficient CAR generation

Model Techniques in Developing γδ T Cells at a Commercial Scale

1:15 pm Clinical Case Study: TC Biopharma’s Clinical Update


  • Defining clear inclusion and exclusion criteria and previous treatments to ensure a homogeneous patient population
  • Characterizing gamma delta T cells
  • Implementing dose-escalation protocols, balancing safety, and efficacy in early phases of the clinical trial

1:45 pm Clinical Update – TCB008 and the Journey to ACHIEVE


  • An overview of TC BioPharm’s clinical trial history that led to the development of our frozen off the shelf lead product
  • Update of our current UK based clinical trail, ACHIEVE
  • Outline of planned US based clinical trial and process development to enhance manufacturing capabilities and reducing costs

2:15 pm Round Table: Dose-Escalation Protocols in Gamma Delta T Cell Therapies for Optimal Safety and Efficacy


  • Determining the highest dose level that does not cause unacceptable toxicity or adverse effects
  • Assessing the therapeutic efficacy of Gamma Delta T cell therapies at each dose level, aiming to find a balance between safety and clinical effectiveness
  • Defining clear clinical endpoints and criteria for dose escalation

More practical and highly interactive breakout roundtables where attendees can crowd-source solutions and share opinions around preassigned topic areas. This is a dedicated opportunity for you to voice your experience and identify unique solutions.

2:45 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Further Clinical Insights & Innovations in Gamma Delta T Therapeutics

3:30 pm Clinical Unpublished Data: Allogeneic Gamma Delta Immunotherapy for Acute Myeloid Leukemia


  • Novel findings on VD2s and VD1s remain unpublished currently
  • Research aims to evaluate the efficacy, safety, and potential benefits of gamma delta cell therapy in treating AcutAML
  • Signifying the emergence of gamma delta cell therapy as a promising novel approach in AML management

4:00 pm GDT & CAR-T Preclinical Dual Targeting & Engineering Gamma Delta Cells

  • Beau Webber Chief Science Officer and Founder, Luminary Therapeutics


  • Novel set of CARs that address challenges head on for both hematological malignancy and sold tumors
  • Our solid tumor program utilizes a Dual CAR architecture to target multiple cancer antigens and more completely eradicate cancerous cells with a single engineered T cell product
  • Establish an allogeneic dual targeting CAR that will consist of CSPG4 and CD70

4:30 pm Chairman’s Closing Remarks

  • Haiyan Jiang Founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer, PointLoma biosciences