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Advancing Antibody and Cell Based γδ Approaches

The cell immunotherapy field hold potential to deliver life saving treatments to patients in need, however the space has been plagued by the inability to see efficacy in solid tumor indications, the lack of broad applicability with autologous therapies, and expensive costs associated with manufacturing.

Gamma Delta T therapies have jumped into the spotlight as it holds promise to be the answer to all of the challenges currently holding the cell therapy field back, and the potential to be the holy grail of cell therapies that this industry so desperately needs.

With all eyes now on these cells, the virtual 2nd Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit remains your one-stop shop to advance your clinical development as we work to improve the fundamental understanding of gamma delta subsets and ensure consistency from development through to manufacturing of GDT cells robustly and at scale to bring to market safe and effective antibody and cell-based Gamma Delta T Therapeutics.

Trailblazers from the likes of Gamma Delta Therapeutics, Phosphogam, Adaptate Biotherapeutics, Janseen and Lava Therapeutics joined us virtually this July, to come together to drive the clinical development of safe and efficacious Gamma Delta therapies.

Topics you can’t afford to miss:


Explore the different mechanisms of action of Gamma Delta subsets with IN8bio and Inserm to supercharge your knowledge of fundamental Gamma Delta T biology

Advance model selection and in vivo cell expansion with University College London and Adicet Bio to maximise translation into clinical trials

Highlight the potential of utilizing antibody based approaches for Gamma Delta T activation with Lava Therapeutics, Janssen & Janssen, and Adaptate Biotherapeutics

Cement the future of Gamma Delta T Therapies with Phosphogam and Expression Therapeutics through advancing expansion and manufacturing techniques

Supercharge genetic engineering of Gamma Delta T cells for enhanced efficacy and potency with Gamma Delta Therapeutics, Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Singapore General Hospital