Conference Day Two: Wednesday, July 31

8:00 am Coffee & Networking

8:45 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Clinical Advances in Liquid & Solid Tumors of Gamma Delta T Cell Therapies in 2024

9:00 am Clinical Overview: Gamma Delta-Based Cell Therapy in Cancer & Autoimmune Diseases

  • Francesco Galimi Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, Adicet Bio Inc.


  • Adicet pipeline of gamma-delta T cell therapies
  • Clinical data in NHL
  • Ongoing activities in gamma delta therapies for autoimmune disorders

9:30 am ADT3: A Potential First-In-Class EGFR X Vδ1 Bispecific Engager for In Situ Activation of Vδ1 Γδ T Cells And Enhanced Cytotoxicity Towards Solid Tumors

  • Antara Banerjee Senior Director, Head Cell Engager Therapies, Oncology Drug Discovery Unit, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.


  • ADT3 is a bispecific engager that is designed to activate tissue resident VD1 T cells
  • ADT3 activates VD1 Gamma delta T cells via crosslinking through EGFR on tumor cells resulting in proliferation, activation and tumor cell killing
  • Activation of VD1 cells via ADT3 enables activated Vd1 cells to recognize and kill EGFR positive and EGFR negative tumor cells while sparing EGFR positive healthy cells

10:00 am Morning Refreshments & Networking

Research & Translational Development

  • Payam Zarin Associate Director and Research Lead, GentiBio

Contrasting Approaches in Gamma Delta T Cell Engagers and Cell Therapies

11:00 am Gamma Delta – TIL As Guardians of Epithelia

  • Michael Lotze Professor of Surgery, Immunology & Bioengineering, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center


  • Epithelial tissues provide vital barrier and regulatory functions
  • Gamma delta T cells stationed within epithelia act as frontline defenders, surveilling for threats and swiftly responding to maintain tissue integrity
  • Their sentinel role involves continuous surveillance, rapid response to danger, and facilitation of tissue repair, crucial for overall host defense

11:30 am Biology Guided Design of CAR GD T Cells for the Treatment of Solid Tumors


  • Phenotypes of tumor-infiltrating gd T cells: What subsets we need to expand
  • Expansion of clinically relevant amounts of gd T cells for treating human solid tumors
  • Design of novel CAR architectures optimized for gd T cells
  • CAR gd T cells control tumors expressing antigens absent from vital healthy tissues

12:00 pm The Role of gdT Cell Therapies in Autoimmunity


  • An alternative to CD19 targeting
  • Identifying and removing autoreactive B cells by directlytargeting the B cell activating factor receptors
  • Eliminating the cause of inflammation at the source

Clinical Development & Product Optimization

Enhancing Functionality of Gamma Delta T Cells Whilst Preserving Innate Killing Ability

11:00 am Generation of highly active Vδ1 gamma delta T cells from stem cells, for the treatment of haematological and solid tumours


  • Differentiation of Vδ1 gamma delta T cells using Notch ligands using cell-based and cell-free systems
  • CD1a as a target for T-cell ALL using CAR- Vδ1T-cells
  • Advantages versus autologous alphabeta CAR-T cells forT-cell malignancies

11:30 am Round Table: Indication Selection: GDT vs NK vs T Cells


  • Consideration of indications where gamma delta T cells exhibit enhanced recognition of stress-induced antigens or phosphoantigens expressed by tumor cells as opposed to NK or alpha beta T cells
  • Consideration of indications where gamma delta T cells can effectively target early or advanced-stage solid/liquid tumors over NK or alpha beta T cells
  • Potential of introducing combinatory approaches with antibodies/checkpoint inhibitors or other immunomodulators to enhance efficacy

Roundtables are where attendees can crowd-source solutions and share opinions around pre-assigned topic areas. This is a valuable chance for attendees to unite around hot topics and debate best practice. This is a dedicated opportunity for you to voice your experience and identify unique solutions.

12:00 pm Clinical Case Study: Lessons Learned in Phase 1


  • A step-by-step guide on preparing and submitting an IND application: Regulatory requirements for IND submission and best practices for engaging with regulatory agencies during the IND filing process
  • Sharing lessons learned from being in the clinic, addressing unexpected regulatory challenges in the clinic and incorporating lessons learned into future development strategies

12:30 pm Lunch & Networking

The Role of Gamma Delta T Cells in Autoimmune Diseases

1:30 pm Clinical Data: Bridging Allogeneic CAR-Gamma Delta T Cell to The Clinic

  • Weiwei Ma Chief Technology Officer, Unicet Biotech


  • Tailoring manufacturing platform to expand high-quality engineered gamma delta T products
  • Demonstrating preclinical activity of CAR-gamma delta T cells for solid tumors and autoimmune diseases
  • Sharing the clinical data of B7H3 CAR-gamma delta T cell therapy for r/r GBM treatment

2:00 pm Fireside Chat: Next Generation GDT Cell Therapy for Autoimmune Disorders


  • Exploration of preclinical and clinical evidence supporting the use of gamma delta cell therapies in autoimmune conditions.
  • Addressing safety considerations and potential adverse effects associated with gamma delta cell treatments.
  • Evaluation of the challenges and opportunities in translating gamma delta cell therapies from bench to bedside for autoimmune diseases.
  • Consideration of patient selection criteria and personalized treatment approaches.
  • Insights into ongoing research and future directions in the field of gamma delta cell therapy for autoimmune disorders

Regulatory Focus on Allogeneic Off-the- Shelf Gamma Delta T Cell Therapies

1:30 pm Regulatory Overview on Past & Present Gamma Delta T Cell Therapies

  • Lawrence Lamb Chief Scientific Officer & Executive Vice President, IN8Bio


  • An overview on the current regulatory landscape for allogeneic therapies and discussing any anticipated changes and trends in the regulatory environment for future allogeneic therapies
  • Exploration of potential challenges and opportunities in the evolving regulatory landscape and discussing how to use adaptive strategies to address regulatory uncertainties

2:00 pm Audience Led Discussion: Pushing Pipeline into the Clinic

  • NELLI BEJANYAN Program Leader of BMT, Moffitt Cancer Center
  • Lawrence Lamb Chief Scientific Officer & Executive Vice President, IN8Bio


  • Establishing a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory landscape for allogeneic off-the-shelf gamma delta T cell therapies
  • Covering key aspects such as regulatory considerations for the future, prepping for a BLA, IND filing procedures and overall navigating the journey from IND filing to getting into the clinic
  • Open mic for direct questions with industry KOLs

2:30 pm Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

Taking Proactive & Strategic Next Steps in Gamma Delta T Therapy Development

3:00 pm Clinical Potential: GAMMABODY Platform


  • Generating bispecific gamma delta T cell engagers that specifically activate a unique and relatively abundant effector gamma-delta T cell subset called Vγ9Vδ2 (Vgamma9 Vdelta2) T cells
  • Complementing natural tumor recognition, direct Vγ9Vδ2 T cells to the tumor, selectively kill cancer cells and trigger an immune response cascade
  • Demonstrating superior efficacy and safety profiles compared to other bispecific T cell engagers approaches

3:30 pm The Development of Vδ1 Gamma Delta T cell Platforms For Use In Next-Generation Allogeneic CAR Therapies

  • Nandhu Sobhana Head of Cell Therapy Innovation IND Engine, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.


  • Harnessing the potential of γδ T cells for immunotherapy in solid and hematological malignancies
  • Investigating the advancements of allogeneic Vδ1 γδ T cell therapy platforms
  • Preclinical update on the progress of cell therapy programs utilizing Vδ1 γδ T cells

4:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Haiyan Jiang Founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer, PointLoma biosciences

4:15 pm Close of Summit