Michael Lotze

Michael Lotze

Company: UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

Job title: Professor of Surgery, Immunology & Bioengineering


Gamma Delta – TIL As Guardians of Epithelia 11:00 am

Epithelial tissues provide vital barrier and regulatory functions Gamma delta T cells stationed within epithelia act as frontline defenders, surveilling for threats and swiftly responding to maintain tissue integrity Their sentinel role involves continuous surveillance, rapid response to danger, and facilitation of tissue repair, crucial for overall host defenseRead more

day: Conference Day Two - Track A - AM

Roundtable Discussion: Promise, Perils and Progress when Publishing in Biotech 11:30 am

We have come through a major difficult period in funding for imaginative biotech, especially in the cell and gene therapy area. Although academics have been told to ‘publish or perish’, this is less clear in biotechnology. • De-risking investment by having vetted science peer reviewed and published • Formalizing reporting activities with suitable scientific controls…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Day

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