Beau Webber

Beau Webber

Company: Luminary Therapeutics

Job title: Chief Scientific Officer & Founder


Benchmarking Differences in Expansion Protocols for Different Gamma Delta-Derived Subtypes to Tailor Manufacturing Protocols to Cell Subtype 11:00 am

Harnessing techniques to efficiently scale up cells while minimizing the impact of processing on the fragility of the cells Engineering in an immune cloaking element, and demonstrating expansion of engineered cells in multiple subtypes Balancing expansion, exhaustion, and persistence with immune cloaking technologiesRead more

day: Conference Day Two - Morning Track B

Panel Discussion: The Great Debate – Vδ1 vs. Vδ2 & Beyond. Which Will Win, Where, and Why? 2:00 pm

Outlining the breadth of gamma delta T subsets Considering existing preclinical and preclinical data for different subsets, and factors influencing their success Debating the use of subsets independently vs. in combination, and how our understanding of subset mechanisms can inform drug developmentRead more

day: Conference Day Two - Afternoon Track A

Panel Discussion: What Needs to be Done to Fully Capitalize on the Promise of Genetic Engineering to Produce Scalable & Clinically Efficacious Gamma Delta T Cells? 4:15 pm

Debating the need for genetic engineering to enable strong clinical results Comparing and contrasting the need for CARs or other types of gene engineering to enhance efficacy Leveraging different engineering technologies to equip gamma delta Ts with the genetic capabilities to maximize persistenceRead more

day: Conference Day One

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