Pre-Conference Deep-Dive Day

Tuesday | July 26, 2022

Make the most of your attendance and gain additional unrivaled insights on this pre-conference workshop day. Choose the topics more relevant to your work:

Gamma Delta T
Workshop Day

Workshop A

Weaponizing Gamma Deltas in the Tumor Microenvironment to Enhance Solid Tumor Therapy

  • Jonathan Fisher Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow, Great Ormand Street Hospital, UCL
  • Paul Frohna CMO, ImCheck Therapeutics


  • Outlining immune suppression mechanisms which currently limit gamma delta T cell activity in the solid tumor microenvironment
  • Discussing strategies to activate, home, infiltrate, and survive in the tumor microenvironment
  • Contrasting strategies such as combination therapies, microenvironment modulation, and armoring technologies to supercharge gamma delta cells against solid tumors
  • Overcoming tumor evasion and epitope spreading through target identification and TCR signaling
  • Combating tumor heterogeneity without damaging healthy tissues

Workshop B

Characterizing Gamma Delta Subsets to Interrogate Function & Therapeutic Application


  • Classifying gamma delta T subsets and phenotypes
  • Correlating phenotypes to clinical outcomes to create a framework for target product profiles
  • Providing a comparison of subsets, outlining the function, localization, cytotoxicity, persistence, and target types of vd1 vs. vd2, and subsets beyond
  • Examining how specific subsets are activated in vivo, how targeting mechanisms vary, and strategies to boost activity and site recruitment
  • Identifying therapeutic indications for subsets based on biological understanding

Workshop C

Developing Off-the-Shelf Gamma Delta Cells for Allogeneic Therapy


  • Sharing progress in the development of iPSCderived and donor-derived next-generation engineered gamma delta T cells
  • Discussing how gamma delta cells are attractive cell types for allogeneic therapy such as the allo-TCR mechanism of action
  • Examining the phenotypic differences and similarities between endogenous gamma delta subsets and iPSC-derived gamma delta cells
  • Studying the cytotoxic potential of off-the-shelf gamma delta cells
  • Outlining engineering strategies to supercharge allogeneic gamma delta T cells and next steps in development

Gamma Delta T Biology 101 Bootcamp

Session A

Exploring the Natural Function & Biological Interactions of Gamma Delta T Cells In Vivo


  • Outlining the discovery and initial development of gamma delta T cells as a therapy
  • Discussing why gamma delta T cells are important immune cell subsets and therapeutic targets
  • Describing the fundamental biology, signaling, and interactions of gamma delta T cells
  • Determining the key gamma delta subsets and their differences
  • Highlighting preclinical and clinical nuances between gamma delta, NK, and alpha beta T cells and how to utilize the differences to bridge the innate and adaptive immune system

Session B

Studying the Mechanisms of Action of Polyfunctional Gamma Delta T Cells


  • Outlining known, and thus far unconfirmed but hypothesized, mechanisms of gamma delta T cell action
  • Highlighting the key drivers of cytotoxicity of gamma delta cells and what drives killing, such as TCRs of NK-like cells
  • Defining the phenotype of a cytotoxic gamma delta T cell
  • Mapping the mechanisms by which gamma delta T cells recognize stressed vs. non-stressed tissue, vs. NK cell identification of self-vs. non-self

Session C

Elucidating the Mechanisms of TCR Recognition & Signaling


  • Characterizing adaptive TCR functions
  • Exploring strategies for receptor identification and characterization
  • Determining the antigen profiles of target cells
  • Determining the structural basis of antigen specificity
  • Discussing multi-targeting of gamma delta cells
  • Identifying ligands expressed by tumors and correlations to action from specific gamma delta T subsets
  • Weighing the importance of targeting vs. activating gamma delta T cells and homing them to tumors