Wee Kiat Tan

Wee Kiat Tan

Company: CytoMed Therapeutics

Job title: Chief Operating Officer


Leveraging Biometrics & Biostatistical Analysis to Understand Therapeutic Impacts on Tumor Progression 12:30 pm

Correlating PKPD with tumor physiology and cell aggregation to conclude anti-tumor impacts Sharing a sequencing analysis method to explore physiological impacts on the tumor microenvironment Harnessing sequencing to detect early signs of GvHD to prevent clinical setbacks and lift early barriers to trial progressionRead more

day: Conference Day One - Morning Track B

Harnessing iPSC-Derived Gamma Delta T Therapy to Create an Off-the-Shelf, Globalized Therapeutic Option 3:00 pm

Discussing whether to mirror ‘natural’ differentiation to recapitulate gamma delta T cell development, or drive differentiation from a different cell type Outlining differentiation, cell marker development, and characterization methods of iPSC-derived therapies for research and GMP development to ensure sufficient product quantity and phenotype Delving deeper into subset characterization of iPSCs and opportunities to be…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day

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