Vicky Morrison

Vicky Morrison

Company: University of Glasgow

Job title: Principal Investigator


Vicky is a Career Development Fellow and Principal Investigator at the University of Glasgow. Her research interests focus on understanding the mechanisms by which integrin adhesion receptors regulate immune responses by controlling leukocyte migration and interactions.


Live Q&A Discussion 9:50 am

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day: Day One

The Integrin, LFA-1, Regulates the Survival of Murine Vγ6Vδ1+ IL-17- Producing γδT Cells 9:30 am

• LFA-1-deficient mice display a 20-fold increase in γδ T cells in specific tissues (lungs, uterus and spleen) due to an increase in the Vγ6Vδ1+ IL-17-producing subset • Single cell RNA sequencing reveals enhanced expression of genes known to negatively regulate apoptosis • LFA-1-deficient Vγ6+ γδ T cells show enhanced survival ex vivo, demonstrating that…Read more

day: Day One

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