Paul Frohna

Paul Frohna

Company: ImCheck Therapeutics

Job title: CMO


Weaponizing Gamma Deltas in the Tumor Microenvironment to Enhance Solid Tumor Therapy 9:00 am

Outlining immune suppression mechanisms which currently limit gamma delta T cell activity in the solid tumor microenvironment Discussing strategies to activate, home, infiltrate, and survive in the tumor microenvironment Contrasting strategies such as combination therapies, microenvironment modulation, and armoring technologies to supercharge gamma delta cells against solid tumors Overcoming tumor evasion and epitope spreading through…Read more

day: Pre-conference day track a

Mastermind Session: So, We are in the Clinic…Now What? 4:00 pm

Reviewing the clinical data presented, and discussing the key progress and remaining areas of unmet need in clinical development Creating ‘next steps’ for the industry in development, from enhancing persistence and efficacy to developing combination trials Outlining combination options, how to choose them, and what mechanisms need to be addressed through combination therapy Discussing where…Read more

day: Day Two

Panel Discussion: Sharing Perspectives on the Application & Attractiveness of Gamma Delta T Therapy in a Competitive Treatment Landscape 11:30 am

Discussing the pros and cons of gamma delta T therapies as a treatment option for patients vs. standard therapy and analogous immune cell therapies Communicating the key differentiators in the clinic that make gamma delta cells an attractive treatment option Outlining roadblocks to the uptake of gamma delta therapies in the clinic for developers to…Read more

day: Day 2 am track b

Investigating the Clinical Potential of Gamma9 Delta2 T Cell-Directed Therapy in Solid Tumor Settings 9:40 am

Contrasting the clinical profiles of gamma delta T vs. alpha beta T cells in the clinic Characterizing the mechanisms of action, including the bridging of the innate and adaptive antitumor immune responses Looking for evidence of activity and potential exhaustion/over-stimulation Identifying the translational biomarkers for patient selection and enrichment strategies to increase the clinical PTSRead more

day: Day Two

Industry Leader’s Fireside Chat 8:45 am

Contrasting therapeutic approaches to harness gamma delta T cells and provide an overview of the development landscape Identifying the greatest areas of opportunity and key challenges to the industry in gamma delta T cell development Discussing next steps in development, from combination approaches to gaining traction in the solid tumor spaceRead more

day: Day One

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