Nathan Polaske

Nathan Polaske

Company: Adaptive Biotechnologies

Job title: Scientific Liaison


Dr. Nate Polaske is an organic chemist with 15 years of research and development experience in cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. In his current role at Adaptive Biotechnologies, he works closely with academic customers, providing technical support and training across Adaptive’s research product portfolio


Applications of Immunosequencing & Understanding the Role of γδ and ab T Cells in Hematology, Immuno-Oncology, & Infectious Disease Research 4:20 pm

Principles of the immunoSEQ Technology and how it is uniquely suited to explore γδ and ab T-cell responses throughout the R&D process   The potential role of γδ T cells in response to COVID-19 and how understanding these immune responses may accelerate progress towards COVID-19 diagnostics and therapeutics   Applications of the immunoSEQ Assay focused…Read more

day: Day One

Live Q&A Discussion 5:50 pm

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day: Day One

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