Mark Wallet

Mark Wallet

Company: Century Therapeutics

Job title: VP Head of Immunology


Developing Off-the-Shelf Gamma Delta Cells for Allogeneic Therapy 3:00 pm

Sharing progress in the development of iPSCderived and donor-derived next-generation engineered gamma delta T cells Discussing how gamma delta cells are attractive cell types for allogeneic therapy such as the allo-TCR mechanism of action Examining the phenotypic differences and similarities between endogenous gamma delta subsets and iPSC-derived gamma delta cells Studying the cytotoxic potential of…Read more

day: Pre-conference day track a

Panel Discussion: Defining a ‘Super-Donor’ & Discussing Cell Source Considerations to Maximize Off-the-Shelf Product Quality 12:00 pm

Identifying and characterizing the most robust sources and donors Questioning what constitutes a ‘super-donor’: the percentage of gamma delta T cells in circulation, or other markers at play Managing donor selection, variation, and evolving process development for each donor Developing a master cell bank for scalable, consistent, offthe- shelf productsRead more

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