Kelly Goldsmith

Kelly Goldsmith

Company: Emory University

Job title: Professor


Examining the Regulation of Tumor Homing to Identify Therapeutic Strategies to Enhance Traffic to Site 12:45 pm

Understanding how gamma delta T homing is naturally regulated, exploring novel targets and CARs against paediatric tumors Evaluating how chemotherapy can lead to increased tumor stress, and the applications of this for combined gamma delta T therapies Identifying targets to engineer or combine therapies to enhance tumor homing and infiltration Discussing the pros and cons…Read more

day: Conference Day One - Morning Track A

Panel Discussion: What Constitutes a Good Measure of Purity, Potency & Identity? 2:00 pm

Discussing current measures for purity, potency and identity used for gamma deltas and their compliance with regulatory requirements Assessing the differences in characterization measures between gamma deltas and alpha betas Laying out steps towards analytical, process development, and manufacturing of pure and potent gamma delta T cells in a single entityRead more

day: Conference Day Two - Afternoon Track B

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