Hunter Jonus

Hunter Jonus

Company: Emory University

Job title: Postdoctoral Fellow


Panel Discussion: The Great Debate – Vδ1 vs. Vδ2 & Beyond. Which Will Win, Where, and Why? 2:00 pm

Outlining the breadth of gamma delta T subsets Considering existing preclinical and preclinical data for different subsets, and factors influencing their success Debating the use of subsets independently vs. in combination, and how our understanding of subset mechanisms can inform drug developmentRead more

day: Conference Day Two - Afternoon Track A

Panel Discussion: Discussing the Application & Opportunities to Progress Gamma Delta T Therapies in a Competitive Therapeutic Landscape 4:15 pm

Discussing opportunities and challenges to achieve investor, physician, and pharmaceutical industry buy-in to progress to commercialization Debating the need to embrace engineering, streamline process development and widen the patient pool to secure strong clinical results and achieve VC backing Developing gamma delta T-specific technologies to enhance R&D, clinical translation, and process development to advance through…Read more

day: Conference Day Two

Extending the Durability of Treatment with Gamma Delta T 12:00 pm

Evaluating the long-term drug effect of engager and cell-based Gamma Delta T cell therapy to create new R&D strategies Discussing the durability of response of current treatments Evaluating the opportunities to adapt clinical protocol, redosing, dose escalation and line of treatment to improve durability Highlighting product design opportunities spanning gene editing, delivery, and manufacturing protocols,…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day

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