Emmanuel Scotet

Emmanuel Scotet

Company: INSERM

Job title: Research Director


Following obtention of PhD degree in 1998 in molecular immunology for his work on T lymphocyte reactivities against herpes viruses at Nantes, E. Scotet worked as a post-doc at the Basel Institute for Immunology (A. Lanzavecchia) on the polarization of T cells and the pathways regulating the expression of chemokine receptors. In 2001, as an Associate Researcher (CR) at INSERM, he joined the team of M. Bonneville and focused his research activity on the biology of non-conventional human T cells, such as iNKT and  T cells. By leading a team focused on these subsets, he gained international expertise in both immunology and immunotherapy fields. In 2012, he evidenced the key contribution of butyrophilin molecules (CD277/BTN3A) in the activation of V9V2 T cells. He developed animal models carrying orthotopic tumors for immunotherapies. and is currently leading as a Research Director (DR INSERM) an INSERM/CNRS/EFS/FRM-labeled research team at CRCINA (INSERM UMR1232/CNRS ERL6001) in Nantes.


Live Q&A Discussion 9:50 am

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Challenges of Preclinical Models of Anti-Tumour Immunotherapies Utilizing Vγ9Vδ2 T Cells 8:50 am

• Explosive growth in the number of immunotherapies • Human allogeneic Vγ9Vδ2 T lymphocytes as attractive immune cell stress sensors • Clinical trials in humans with mixed efficacies • Issues/Need of relevant and robust preclinical models • Description of novel preclinical models and strategies for therapeutic improvementsRead more

day: Day One

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