Daniel Olive

Daniel Olive

Company: CRCM

Job title: Head Tumor Immunology


D. Olive has been a pioneer and leader in the co-signalling field since 1990. His work is dedicated to tumor immunology with a major emphasis on innate immunity and co-signalling molecules.

Selected major breakthroughs: 1) Identification of signaling pathways involved in CD28 and ICOS costimulatory molecules; 2) Demonstration that BTN3A1/CD277 is a major inducer of Vg9Vd2 response; 3) identification of the function of BTLA and HVEM in the regulation of immune function; 4) Identification of molecular mechanisms associated to NK cells impairment in AML patients; 5) first identification of alteration of NK cells in the tumor bed in breast and prostate cancer; 6) First in man clinical trial using anti-KIR mAbs in AML patients; 7) Deciphering of of ICOS ICOSL interaction in the regulation of Tregs in lymphomas.

He is cofounder of Imcheck Therapeutics, Emergence Therapeutics and Alderaan.


Understanding Vg9Vd2 Activation: What is Known and the Rest 9:00 am

• Outlining the molecular basis of Vg9Vd2 T cell activation • Exploring the role of Vg9Vd2 in cancer settings • Discussing questions regarding regulationRead more

day: Day One

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