Daniel Olive

Daniel Olive

Company: Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Marseille

Job title: Team Leader, CCRM


Analyzing Clinical Biomarker Data from Solid & Liquid Tumor Biopsies to Characterize Subset Distribution & Inform the Clinical Strategy for Gamma Delta T Therapy in Different Indications 11:30 am

Reviewing biological mechanisms, subset populations, and clinical biopsy data to suggest the most appropriate indications to deploy gamma delta T therapy Discussing the variety of combinations suitable for different indications based on biopsy data Applying learnings from biopsy data to leverage gamma delta T populations as a biomarker for prognosisRead more

day: Conference Day One - Morning Track B

Uncovering the In Vivo Tracking & Interactions of the Tumor Microenvironment with V9d2 Gamma Delta T Cells to Explain Inhibition, Activation & Exhaustion 12:10 pm

Studying the microdynamic changes in the tumor such as inflammation, cold tumor, and the impact on T cell infiltration and gamma delta T phenotype Examining the mechanisms of T cell trafficking to tumor sites Considering whether cells need to be activated in the tumor, or if therapy should increase the traffic to the tumor Leveraging…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Deep Dive Day

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