Blake Aftab

Blake Aftab

Company: Adicet Bio

Job title: Chief Scientific Officer


Designing a Dosage Schedule to Optimise Persistence & Provide Durable Clinical Responses 3:15 pm

Understanding the mechanism of action of gamma delta T cells to justify repeat dosage and understand systemic and local responses Optimizing dosage through size, frequency, and intervals to minimise side effects, improve tolerability and deepen response in solid tumours Using preclinical data to support first-in-human clinical trial designRead more

day: Conference Day One - Afternoon Track B

Comparing Different Constructs to Identify the Optimal CARs & TCRs for Improved Efficacy & Persistence of Gamma Delta T Cells 2:15 pm

Testing the addition of an αβ CAR to a TCR gamma delta T versus a gamma delta T-tailored CAR Contrasting the impact on memory cells and cell proliferation and exhaustion Testing the impact of construct design on persistence of cells and therapeutic responseRead more

day: Conference Day One - Afternoon Track A

Sharing Clinical Updates of ADI-001, a ‘First-in-Class’ Allogeneic CAR-Engineered Gamma Delta T Cell Therapy to Demonstrate Safety & Persistence 9:30 am

Deep-diving into clinical updates and safety and persistence data from ADI-001’s first year in the clinic Reflecting on the lessons learned to take into phase 2 clinical trial design, dose escalation, patient selection, pharmacodynamics, and safety Discussing future opportunities in the pipeline to expand into more indications and impacts on other areas of R&DRead more

day: Conference Day One

Panel Discussion: Industry Leaders’ Year in Review: What Have We Learned This Year, & Where is the Field Heading in 2023? 8:45 am

Considering how therapeutic approaches to harness gamma delta T cells can rival alpha beta approaches Discussing how to progress to the clinic faster and attract interest from pharma companies to fund scaled trials Identifying the greatest areas of opportunity and key challenges to the industry in gamma delta T cell development Discussing the future opportunity…Read more

day: Conference Day One

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