Alice Cheung

Alice Cheung

Company: Singapore General Hospital

Job title: Senior Research Fellow


Characterizing Gamma Delta Subsets to Interrogate Function & Therapeutic Application 11:30 am

Classifying gamma delta T subsets and phenotypes Correlating phenotypes to clinical outcomes to create a framework for target product profiles Providing a comparison of subsets, outlining the function, localization, cytotoxicity, persistence, and target types of vd1 vs. vd2, and subsets beyond Examining how specific subsets are activated in vivo, how targeting mechanisms vary, and strategies…Read more

day: Pre-conference day track a

Exploring Cord Blood-derived Gamma Delta T Cells 11:00 am

Proliferation vs Differentiation vs Exhaustion Determining functionality post-expansion Optimizing expansion protocols to minimize cell exhaustionRead more

day: Day 2 am track a

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