Alice Bertaina

Alice Bertaina

Company: Stanford

Job title: Associate Professor of Pediatrics


Exploring the Natural Function & Biological Interactions of Gamma Delta T Cells In Vivo 9:00 am

Outlining the discovery and initial development of gamma delta T cells as a therapy Discussing why gamma delta T cells are important immune cell subsets and therapeutic targets Describing the fundamental biology, signaling, and interactions of gamma delta T cells Determining the key gamma delta subsets and their differences Highlighting preclinical and clinical nuances between…Read more

day: Pre-conference day track b

Engineering Gamma Delta T Cells to Stimulate Expansion In Vivo and Supercharge Cytotoxicity 1:30 pm

Investigating intrinsic characteristics of gamma delta T cells which create ‘weaknesses’ as a therapeutic cell Developing engineering strategies to overcome exhaustion and expansion for a better therapeutic construct Interrogating the impact on persistence, migration, and therapeutic efficacyRead more

day: Day 1 pm track b

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