Aleksandra Filipovic

Aleksandra Filipovic

Company: PureTech Health

Job title: Head of Oncology


Aleksandra Filipovic is the Head of Oncology at PureTech. Previously, she was associate medical director, oncology and immuno-oncology, at Bristol Myers Squibb. Dr Filipovic graduated from the Faculty of Medicine University of Nis, Serbia, and did her PhD on identification and validation of therapeutic targets in breast cancer and monoclonal antibody drug development at Imperial College London, UK, followed by a Clinical Research Fellowship to continue research and clinical work in medical oncology. She is a clinician at Imperial College NHS trust, European School of Oncology faculty member, Member of the Scientific Board of Sharing progress in Cancer Care (SPCC), associate editor for Frontiers in Oncology and member of ASCO, ESMO, AACR and SITC.


Targeting Immunosuppressive γδ1 Tcells in Cancer and Synergies with Other γδ Centric Therapies 3:00 pm

• γδ1 T cells with immunosuppressive (IS) properties as therapeutic targets in solid tumors: why and how? • First in class IS γδ1 T cell targeting monoclonal antibody (LYT-210): development and properties • How should we be thinking in designing clinical trials in the γδ T cells context: are companion diagnostics a must have?Read more

day: Day One

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