Characterizing Subsets, Optimizing Expansion & Engineering Against Solid Tumors to Bring Safe, Efficacious, Off-the-Shelf Gamma Delta T Therapies to Patients Faster

July 25-27, 2023 | Boston, MA

Design, Manufacture & Clinically Deliver Safer, More Efficacious, Globally Accessible Treatments for Solid Tumors, Leveraging γδT Mechanisms and Subset-Specific Characteristics

Uncovering In Vivo Mechanisms, Novel Engineering Approaches, Clinical Applications & Optimized Product Design of Allogeneic & Solid Tumor Gamma Delta T Therapies

The gamma delta T wave is cresting as industry leaders such as Adicet Bio, Leucid, Century, Imcheck, IN8bio, Sanofi and Takeda race to demonstrate the clinical benefit and efficacy of gamma delta T therapies, spanning cell-based to antibody and small molecule approaches.

Estimates suggest that by 2030, the global gamma delta T cell cancer therapy market is projected to reach US$400 million. Driven by the increasing prevalence of cancer worldwide and the rising awareness and demand for novel and personalized medicine, gamma delta T cell therapy represents one of the most T cell therapies in clinical development.

Spurred by early evidence of clinical efficacy, the industry returns in 2023 armed with more subset-specific and clinical mechanistic understanding, snowballing investment, and growing expert end-to-end teams.

As immuno-oncology steps into the spotlight, there has never been a better time for the gamma delta T therapies industry to come together to contrast subsets, characterize mechanisms of action, and optimize product design to develop globally accessible, solid tumor therapies.

Don't miss your chance to to enhance process development, overcome with expert learnings from the 4th Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit.

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40+ Expert Speakers Include:

Headshot of Larry Lamb

Lawrence Lamb

Executive Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer


Headshot of Bruno Silva-Santos

Bruno Silva-Santos

Group Leader

Institute of Molecular Medicine - IMM

Headshot of Blake Aftab

Blake Aftab

Chief Scientific Officer

Adicet Bio Inc.

Headshot of Kate Rochlin

Kate Rochlin

Chief Operating Officer


Headshot of Yu Qian

Yu Qian

Associate Director - Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls, Cell Therapies

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Headshot of Adrian Hayday

Adrian Hayday

Principal Group Leader

The Francis Crick Institute

Headshot of Dorothee Bourges

Dorothee Bourges

Senior Principal Scientist - Immuno-oncology & Project Leader


Headshot of Rajkumar Ganesan

Rajkumar Ganesan

Executive Director - Oncology

Amgen Inc.

Past Attendees Include:

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Syntax Bio
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Hear What Previous Attendees Have To Say:

“Excellent atmosphere and very lively and relaxed interactions, outstanding efficacy for networking”

- Head of the Immunity and Cancer Lab, CCRM

“Great opportunity to see where the field currently stands with clinical data and how challenges are being addressed in pre-clinical stages and manufacturing.”

- Graduate Research Assistant, George Washington University

“Great speakers, great topics, timely updates on clinical and pipeline developments.”

- Scientist, Nurix Therapeutics

“Great integration of academia and industry, high quality of science and opportunity to learn and share"

- Associate Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine

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